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  • "I have been a UR member for almost 15 years!! BEACH is my acronym for 2 things… always remember to book Budget-Embarque-Avis-Carey-Hilton and a reminder that booking BEACH will help make it possible to take my favorite vacation… TO THE BEACH! It’s so exciting to go online and check my reward points knowing I can use them for so many wonderful travel “gifts”––to myself, friends or family!" — Lynn S. of Wisconsin, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "I live in a severe weather prone area. After watching the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in 2005, I realized how unprepared I was for emergencies. Since then I’ve been on a mission, using Unlimited Rewards points to organize contingency plans and emergency kits stocked with necessities (and a few comforts) in the event of an urgent situation. The rewards every month allow me to purchase items for preparedness I would not normally be able to afford on such a tight budget nowadays. And that’s why I love Unlimited Rewards! Thank you so much!" — Kimberly H. of North Carolina, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "I love the UR program because it gives me the extra money to show my children so many things the world has to offer. I save up each year on the program and take my children traveling, teach them history that they can’t learn in a book, show them what this world really has to offer. You can look at pictures of a beach, but there is nothing like feeling the sand between your toes… and UR gives us that chance. Thank you UR!" — Robert B. of North Carolina, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "Unlimited Rewards,
    so loved by us all,
    for lunch with a friend,
    a trip to the mall.
    How about a vacation,
    hotel, car or flight,
    a theme park by day,
    dinner & dancing at night.
    Some gas for the car,
    an oil change too,
    a gift for a birthday,
    there’s so much you can do!
    A day of indulgence,
    a trip to the spa,
    a “mani” and “pedi,”
    “How do I love thee,”
    I’ve been counting the ways,
    with 100 words or less,
    I’ve run out of space!
    Thanks UR!" — Deneen A. of Illinois, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "I love that I can spend my earnings anywhere with my MasterCard reward card. I’m not limited to a list of awards that are things that I don’t need that the other guys have for a travel agent rewards program. The Unlimited Rewards system gives me freedom to roam and spend using my MasterCard, which is accepted almost everywhere." — David T. of Connecticut, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "UNDENIABLE the best incentive program.
    NICE to have a company who appreciates travel agents.
    LOYAL program for the past 15 years.
    INCREDIBLE offers for travel agents.
    IMPRESSIVE list of companies offered through program.
    TREATS for the whole family.
    EASY to sign up.
    DOUBLE your earnings with special offers.

    BEST re-loadable prepaid card.
    UNLIMITED earnings.
    DREAM vacation or simply dinner out with loved ones.
    GENEROUS just simply generous!
    EXCITING to log on and see your balance grow each month.
    THANK YOU Unlimited Rewards."
    Lisa P. of Georgia, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winners
  • "I love the UR program because it gives me extra money to do what I love: travel the world! Because of UR, I have experienced the beauty of the Mona Lisa, canoed along the Dordogne river, toured Dachau prison camp, visited the land of my Greek ancestors, snorkeled the turquoise waters of Mexico, hiked the trails in the Swiss Alps, relaxed on the Spanish Steps, had a romantic gondola ride in Venice, strolled the streets of Old Town Rhodes, and hiked through vineyards on the Italian Riviera. Thank you UR!" — Amy M. of Utah, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "Because of UR, my kids get to participate in extra activities our household budget wouldn't otherwise allow. Swim lessons, dance classes, if it was a good year at work then even some extra xmas or birthday presents. UR really helps us make our kids' childhood extra good." — Kari H. of Oregon, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "It’s amazing to feel appreciated for doing what we do. In a time where rewards and benefits are slashed by our suppliers, UR reminds us that there are some companies out there who recognize what hard work we do on their behalf and want to do what they can to reward us." — Stacey B. of Florida, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "Three things have helped me through the ordeals of life: an understanding husband, a good sense of humor and Unlimited Rewards!" — Diane L. of Manitoba, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "My wife and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past summer. I surprised her with a limo ride and treasure hunt to a few romantic places that are special to us. After a wonderful evening together in the city, I arranged for us to dance to our wedding song in the same spot we did 5 years earlier. The UR points I saved really help make the start of our fifth year together as magical as our first. Thanks UR for keeping me romantic!" — Jimmy C. of Pennsylvania, UR 15th Anniversary Contest Winner
  • "The budget incentive program is great. It is a nice treat when the card is loaded each month. Times are hard, being single, there is only my paycheck to depend on, so it is nice to have a little extra money at the beginning of each month, for gas or groceries, of for the occasional treat once in a while. thank you budget!"
  • "Hello, I am a travel agent in the Phila. area and I use my Unlimited Rewards card to purchase items under 10.00. It comes in handy while I'm doing a quick store run. My longest ongoing purchase on your card is purchasing dog food and treats at PetSmart. Everytime I use my card, the retail shops make a comment on my Budget card. They also think it is a cool idea to promote business!! I'm sure I can speak for most of us.....WE LOVE INCENTIVES. Thank you for your program." — Gutierrez
  • "HI, I love Budgets progam, I am a full time mom and travel agent for a busy company, and I do not get to go places and do many things, but every year because of your terrifice program, I get $$ giftcards for my sons and family and we have great holidays. Thank you so much for having the best incentive program."
  • "Unlimited Rewards is a great program. I use my card to reward myself for my hard work. I buy myself little souvenirs to remember my trips by. I am happy to be a part of the program - the points add up in no time! Its been a real treat for me."
  • "Unlimited Rewards Saved me! I have no credit cards and usually just use my debit card for everything. Well, I recently went out on a date and went to use my Debit card to pay for our meal, but it was declined due to a banking error. I had no cash on me either. I almost forgot about the incentive card from Unlimited Rewards, but I had in my wallet and it came in VERY handy! I had a large enough balance to cover my bill, and for the movies afterwards. It could have been a very embarassing moment, but thanks to Unlimited Rewards I was able to save myself from embarrasment. The date went well, and we are still seeing each other. Thank you Unlimited Rewards!!" — Kevin
  • "I love the Unlimited Rewards agent incentive program. Not only does budget offer great quality cars that I can be sure my clients will be happy with, but their Hilton Hotel partners are a a favorite with my travelers and I feel confident recommending them. With every rental or hotel reservation I make under the program, I know my clients will be well taken care of. Also, it's great that I get "bonus" for each booking too! The Budget points are fun to spend and have allowed me to splurge on a little extra treats for myself now and then. Thank You Budget!"
  • "I have been a travel agent for 16 years and you would not believe how many different incentive programs come and go! Budget is one of the few that have stuck around and really do benefit us travel agents. There are so many hotels along with Budget car rental that are included, it does add up fast. Thank you Budget, every little cent I earn goes into my car's gas tank, so I can afford to keep getting to work to make some money."
  • "I love booking Budget because it is so easy! Budget is a great company and I never have a problem selling a rental because Budget has the lowest prices! I like to use the money on my Budget Mastercard as a vacation savings at the end of every year, I see how much money I have and plan a great vacation with my husband!"
  • "I have been a travel agent for just about 10 years and just recently started with the Unlimited Rewards program. I really love the fact that while I'm workiing I'm also earning and like to save up all money at the end of the year for Christmas presents. Having such a large collection of Hilton properties to chose from really helps the money add up quicks. Thanks for being there for us." — Kolling
  • "Great program to have for the travel counselors at American Express. I'm saving up for my daughters graduation present. I have 54 pts so far.I book alot of our preferred Hilton and car rental vendors. Reward bonus' help,it shows your hard work and get a little reward." — Pagan
  • "I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years. I have never heard of of programs that pays the agent for doing their job. I love the extra money. It allows me to enjoy myself withoout worrying about bills. I learn of this program through a friend, and after I recieve my first payment, I got even more excited to put my clients in Hilton brand properties. I wish I had known of this program before; now I see how much I was missing out." — Cyrus
  • "I just recently became a member and I can't even begin to tell you how great this program is. I was able to get some extra spending money which is great. My family just recently took in a family from Uganda and every little bit helps. Thank you so much for helping out not only me and my family but the family we have taken in." — Minor
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